Speech Development Consultation

Are you concerned about your toddler’s speech and language development and wondering if your child is just a “late talker” or has a speech and language problem that should be addressed by a professional? Or do you have a preschooler who talks a lot but you (or grandparents and friends) don’t always understand him and you wonder if you should take him to speech therapy? Or are you concerned about your Kindergartener who still says “wabbit” for “rabbit” or “wove” for “love” and this is starting to impact her ability to spell words correctly and you would like to know how to best help her?

During a speech development consultation I will listen to you concerns, observe and interact with your child, and possibly do some brief formal testing depending on the child’s age and level of comfort during the session.

Immediate feedback will be given, including tips on how you can help your child at home. Specific recommendations for further evaluation/testing or therapy will also be provided, if needed. Depending on the age of your child and his/her needs, I will help you understand how to initiate a referral to GGRC (for children 0-3) or to your school district (ages 3 and up) as well as discuss private therapy options for all ages.


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